Spare Parts Department

Spare Parts Department

Original Spare Parts

Imported directly from manufacturers and suppliers from across the world, authenticates the spare parts dealt by us ,putting to rest our customers’ concern about its genuineness.


With a view to cater to the Spare parts requirement of our various customers, our scope of operation now includes a Spare Parts Division wherein spare parts for various brands of equipment will be available anytime, anywhere.

Import formalities

Elaborate Import formalities involved for importing spare parts is taken care of, once the order is placed with us. Convenience of receiving the spare parts at your door step is an added advantage that is worth availing of.

Service Department

Our engineers are factory trained and equipped to handle all the food service equipment dealt by us. Their vast experience, especially in turn-key projects involving hundreds of state of the art heavy duty equipment , has given them the experience to analyse and assess problems and rectify the same in the most professional way. Our engineers assist our Customers in recommending crucial spare parts to be stocked at site for exigencies. The option to place orders for suitable spare parts along with the order for equipment proves economical and advantageous in the long run.

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