Our engineers are factory trained with renowned manufacturers such as Wexiodisk, Metos, Rosinox, Hallde, Eloma, Ambach to name a few. State of the art imported equipment dealt by us are handled only by our OEM trained engineers using standardized and original tool kits.

Product Delivery

In all Aishwarya projects, Delivery is deemed complete with on-time handover with legal and statutory compliance as well as service and contingency plans in place.

Based on the project need, we form a team of skilled technicians, engineers and qualified sub-contractors. Professional documentation is done on this rigorous process. It generally includes functionality as well as temperature, pressure and water tests and all schematics of electrical, gas and plumbing.

Installation and Testing

Apart from visual inspection, every equipment is thoroughly tested by our team at the time of installation and commissioning. Operational and functional issues are discussed and clarified to the client’s team before the handover of the kitchen.

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