KS Kitchen Master
  • The Bar line units are made of stainless steel and completed by modules and accessories that are essential for the organisation of your work. Can be installed in any context, accommodating both the aesthetic aspects of your project and your daily operational requirements.

    Refrigerated equipment essential for every bartender. A beverage served at the right temperature, a perfectly pulled beer, these must all ensure the maximum comfort of customers enjoying the bar in a relaxing and exclusive experience in which service plays a vital role. Refrigerated units and freezers with doors, also glass, or drawers for the storage of bottles, cans and casks of various sizes, insulated wells for ice to be integrated within the work top and much more, guarantee quality and comfort and complete bar service.

    Bar equipment will be the ideal partner for your business. Long-lasting, built entirely in steel, with features designed to facilitate your daily work. Cupboard or open bases, sets of drawers and waste bins, customized work tops, cocktail stations, coffee modules, bottle holders and everything that you need on a daily basis.

  • Neutral unit with drawer and waste bin
  • Neutral unit with 3 drawers
  • Neutral unit basket holder
  • Unit for inclusion of dishwasher/ Glasswasher
  • Neutral unit with 4 drawers
  • Refrigerated table for kegs
  • Refrigerated undercounter unit
  • Neutral bottle-holder unit
  • Cocktail station
  • Refrigerated table for beverages
  • Neutral leaf door unit

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